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Some more about me

I have been in the workforce for over 4 years now, beginning with my career at McDonald's as a manager. Though I love working at McDonald's and have loved the team I've worked with and experience that I have received, unfortunately I would like to go further. Because I am only currently 19, my experience and opportunities are limited, but I am constantly striving overcome hurdles and improve myself and expand my knowledge. 


I have a very good work ethic and I am constantly trying to push myself to do better at everything that I do and get everything done as efficiently and affectively as possible. I am constantly trying to step up and take on more responsibility and work and I usually have trouble saying no to opportunities that arise. 

I would love to get into any areas of programming to get me started though I am very interested in emerging markets and technologies such as NFT trading and Virtual Reality development. I love learning and finding out new concepts and ideas and applying them to my work patterns. I'm happy to work in most work environments and I get along easily and work well with others that I work with.


2020 - 2021

AIE - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Advanced Diploma

Ultimo - Sydney

AIE bought me to programming and the world of software development. I learnt most things I know now from engine development to simple arithmetic AI development. 

AIE has made me want to further pursue my interest in software and game development.


I'd love to learn more about C++ and back end development as well as Crypto systems. I would also love to learn more about AI and how it can be used to solve solutions and make systems more efficient. 

Some of the things I worked on and experimented with during my studies were:

  • Custom physics and graphics processing and generating in a custom engine with C++

  • Creating necessary tools in Unity to fit scale plans such as custom game events for quick prototyping, and working with prefabs so team members with different skills can add changes to objects and scenes which can speed up the production process. As well as maintaining overall team motivation levels and steady progression.

  • Creating a custom machine learning AI in with unity with C#, that can be moved to other projects. 

  • Creating AIs in C++ that make decisions based on certain conditions that take place within the program. 

2014 - 2019

Inaburra School

High School Graduate - HSC

Sutherland Shire

I completed high school at Inaburra. Inaburra strives to make the most of every student pushing them to do better and targeting areas that they strive in.


For myself, my entrepreneurial mindset was pushed and I came up with many business ideas during my time there. 


Inaburra made me very ambitious and I am willing to push myself in order to reach my goals. 


Interested in Motorbikes and the JDM car culture

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Strives to write clean, efficient code

Works well in teams and strives to help everyone as much as possible


2018 - 2022


Shift Manager

Heathcote - Sydney

Working at McDonald's has taught me a lot over the 3 and a half year of me being there. I learnt how to work in teams  and solve problems in a fast pass work environment.

As I developed my career at McDonald's I could also learn more about how businesses are ran as I earned more responsibility in my workplace. 

Currently, as a manager, the kinds of jobs I complete day to day are:

  • ​Handling, counting and depositing cash 

  • Delegating and organising employees in order to carry out operations as efficiently as possible

  • Managing and monitoring stock levels throughout the restaurant. 

  • Encountering and solving new problems in a fast pace work environment everyday. 

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